6 Thinking Maths Activity lessons

Each Thinking Maths activity is a stand-alone unit intended for mainstream classes in the 11-14 age range. The example below, TM1 Algebra,shows the unit structure.

Each lesson is presented in two or more episodes; each episode is structured in three ‘acts.

Act 1 Concrete Preparation: introduces the mathematical context at a level all pupils can process, so they can focus on the work to come.

Act 2 Collaborative Learning: small group work, with the intention that each group will have something to contribute in the next act.

Act 3 Collaborative Learning: whole class sharing, where each group shows their ideas or expresses their difficulties to the whole class, enabling the other groups to contribute to and benefit from the discussion.




The mathematical context and content of the lesson, links to other areas of the mathematics curriculum, resources needed



A summary of the episodes of the lesson





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