13 Teachers’ professional development

Practices and principles of CAME Professional Development

The professional development programme involves pairs of collaborating teachers attending a course one or two full days each term, then conducting a similar programme in their own department. In each PD day groups of teachers from several schools work through 3-5 Thinking Maths activities, simulating pupils’ likely responses and making a detailed plan of each lesson.On the first PD day, and whenever convenient subsequently, two teachers teach one or more of these lessons to a class, with the others watching. Afterwards all the teachers discuss the lesson plan and any fresh insights arising from the pupils’ responses.

In subsequent PD days the teachers discuss Thinking Maths lessons taught recently to compare experiences in each of the schools.Then the tutors initiate discussion of relevant theoretical and wider aspects of the approach, and finally groups of 3-4 teachers plan separate lessons and explain their planning to the others.

In addition, a department may invite PD tutors for support visits to the school. Ideally the school provides release for the day to the whole maths department to participate in an experience similar to the PD days their colleagues have attended.

Later, teachers’ consider how to employ their experiences of the theory and practice of Thinking Maths lessons in their general maths teaching. Courses based on these principles, run by experienced CAME teachers and tutors, are increasingly also accredited as Master modules.

Courses and conferences on implementing the CAME approach are available from Let’s Think Forum.




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