The original 30 CASE lessons represent a sequence of learning experiences based on the Cognitive Readiness and Demand Theory described in Towards a Science of Science teaching and Really Raising Standards. The lessons were designed to allow a lower level starting demand to include all young learners. The lessons then directly activate and increase the demand for learner’s reasoning schemata. They are aimed at challenging and accelerating the natural development of these thinking capacities of maturing learners. These bridging lessons have a similar structure and goals but also are examples of how CASE thinking can directly address the concept and knowledge demands of the main science curriculum. The pedagogy of the 5 pillars has been applied and adapted to the special pedagogical content knowledge of the concepts that are being bridged to.

A webinar presentation made at the Association of Science Education (ASE) in May 2020 is an introduction to the theory behind CASE. The third part discusses the application of CASE to mainstream curriculum lessons.






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