What remains and sustains your interest in CASE?


What remains and sustains your interest in CASE?
Experience of the style of teaching was enjoyable and challenging. Alastair Gittner
I sustain my interest, because of 6 children in my own life providing a window into Piagetian development stages. There are clearly a range of children who would benefit from the intervention. Although the age stage debate is a distraction there are stages in the way we think that fixes our ability to reason. Piagetian stages remain of interest, definitely.
My interest in CASE is so embedded it has changed the way I think fundamentally, its currently not sustained by peer group or practice at the moment given my other interests as a writer but I remain intrigued by the way people talk about learning. Carolyn Yates
Yes, I remain interested but it is hard to sustain this interest when the culture of schools is changing, where there are prescriptions for the approach to use and less flexibility and creativity and opportunities to be reflective are reduced. I’m passionate about its potential and the meaning it could have for teachers and pupils. Tim Jolliff
It’s use in a Lesson Study programme. Ian Mclachlan
Worked as CASE trainer for 9 yrs plus am researcher Christine Harrison
Differentiation, the recognition that how much children do and dont understand concepts and recognising that one needs another tool to raise reasoning power e.g. understanding photosynthesis, which is a multi chain concept, students struggle with the exclusion of variables and the inverse relationship of light distance and oxygen production. They will struggle in GCSE without support. CASE has been for me a support and an introduction into the skills needed for GCSE.
Kate Donegan
Previous experience as teacher of CASE, advisory teacher (CASE being LA mechanism for school improvement). The knowledge that it has an extremely long and well founded track record of impact on all learners. Julia Jenkins
Successful integration of the ideas and resources in previous schools. David Paterson


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