What views you have on the CASE effect?


What views you have on the CASE effect?
CASE was great but seemed at the time when I was using it most to require a significant amount of CPD. It had its greatest effect when teachers made links to the CASE lessons in other lessons (transfer.) It was also great as it made teachers really aware of the language they used when questioning and getting students to think. Alastair Gittner
I’m not sure whether children have got more stupid as is suggested by Michael’s Anti Flynn effect paper but they are certainly processing differently.
I was always a bit wary of how the measures of reasoning were used. Did the tools measure what they were intended to? I love the earlier effects but I’m less able to accept this data over time – how would it stand up now? The SRT method of assessment, which assumes that children are still hands on as much as minds on might itself be providing an anti Flynn effect, I wonder whether we would have different results if the SRT were incorporated into software? The most powerful effect of CASE is the transformative effect it has and still has on teachers. Even now I am on the Dumfries and Galloway STEM learning Group and there are three teachers on that group, all were CASE trained and it still affects them profoundly. There is to my mind a difference between teachers of science and a CASE teacher, the former focussing on the content and the other with a special identity and permission to participate in the science process. Carolyn Yates
It is hard to see changes at present – we are not collecting hard data but are expecting our students to demonstrate greater competence in later years, to have an easier facility with ratio for example. Where I am sure it has had an effect is on me and my teaching. Tim Jolliff
I have had many personal experiences of the positive effect of both CASE and CAME. I am also aware that some of the latest versions have not been as effective. Ian Mclachlan
Raises attainment and also develops self-regulation Christine Harrison
Is there one or not one? CASE appeals to our sense of logic but is it therefore just a belief. Does CASE grab those who are not enthusiasts?
Any effect has to come through its engagement with students… is CASE just more engaging to produce its effect?
For me to believe the CASE effect it has to become embedded as a way of thinking in the students, do we yet have evidence of this?
We need to be aware that personally impassioned people may not be able to recognise when there is only subjective evidence of effect not objective.
If we are ever going to conduct a trial that is a true test of CASE and its effect we may need scripts to follow in all parts of the process, clearer, repeated protocols for thinking and acting to ensure that what is being attempted has a common fidelity. Kate Donegan
First hand evidence of impact on learners and transferable and notable impact on quality of teaching – methodology infused into ‘everyday’ lessons. Julia Jenkins
Students were able to articulate their understanding of ideas and concepts more clearly having completed CASE lessons. David Paterson


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