How you would like to work with others around CASE?


How you would like to work with others around CASE?
In finding ways of helping departments use CASE thinking in a self sustainable manner. How they can mutually support each other in delivering the lesson with a high degree of fidelity and also how they can ensure transfer. Alastair Gittner
I still like to know what people are doing with CASE and to see its development. I favour the collaborative approach to developing a theatrical piece of work, to see the group construct and and co-own a product. Although I am working creatively as an individual this is part of the tension between director, artists and playwright (which incidentally lends itself to some of the CASE strategies we used such as Pair share, Questions, Shock tactics). How we work in a CASE group should be a mirror of the CASE process, the product and the approach should coincide. Carolyn Yates
I would like to work collaboratively, sharing observations and receiving comment, developing new approaches but in a safe space where difference is OK and trials are possible. Being able to put ‘out there’ something new and have it considered. Tim Jolliff
I work with others on CASE and CAME implementations wherever I can. I also work with the Let’s Think, LTTM (2 versions) and Primary CAME. Ian Mclachlan
Research Christine Harrison
I would like to coach and mentor people who are developing their practice, not sure about demo lessons though. Although these ways are effective how can people in school find the time to take such a reflective approach? Schools are busy, there is little time to think, even in the Quaker school I teach in there is little time for reflection. Staff churn and patterns of support collapse. Is a research approach even possible when schools can’t find the time? Kate Donegan
Am back in contact with Alan Edmiston after many years working through CASE and CAME network with Kings! V interested to work with forum also. Very keen to ‘reboot’ network in Wales – we once had one of the most active regions in the UK. Julia Jenkins
Discussing ideas about CASE with others. David Paterson


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