What you see as the potential in CASE at this time?


What you see as the potential in CASE at this time?
I see an argument that as a strategy that was tested under a large RCT and its sound base in cognitive science that it would fit in well at this time. Alastair Gittner
That component of CASE that was the use of group work, joint construction and co-development is still under developed in Scotland. It cannot be found in other models that can be understood by teachers. CASE always had a powerful impact on teachers’ questioning and how that was unpicked in CPD and how the model demanded that the teacher’s questioning changed to prompt reasoning. Carolyn Yates
It has made sense for me, has brought together ideas, that despite the difficulties of implementing it fully, provides the principles for effective teaching. They resonate with me, that and the evidence that is rooted in theory. By ensuring that children are able to access the deeper schema we are enabling future learning. Tim Jolliff
Needs to be the backbone of the continuous development of teachers in all subjects. Ian Mclachlan
Developing criticality and problem solving skills. Supporting NOS. Christine Harrison    
If we want to use it now we need to find a way of embedding it and promoting it.
There is a problem currently and generally with the pace of decision making, CASE is a more meditative, a better mode of thinking an antidote to fast, game-based decision making.
If we are to gain the potential of CASE we will need to have it to fit current technologies, for example the cards used for experimental design might be done more elegantly and perhaps thoughtfully too? This adds time for thinking and makes students more thoughtful about the consequences.
Kate Donegan
Much needed Prof development to support reasoning capabilities. Importance of developing reasoning patterns fundamental to support higher demand thinking and access to deeper conceptual understanding in science. In all talk of curriculum reform, what is consistently missing is the understanding of progression and solid conceptual development to link and strengthen learning. Also the great potential of using oracy within social construction as a vehicle to deepen understanding and explore higher quality reasoning via written communicatio. Julia Jenkins
Reissuing the resources as stand alone activities that can be used in lesson. An overarching theoretical framework to help teachers new to CASE understand what they are and how to use them. David Paterson


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