About the authors

Professor Philip Adey was senior researcher on the original Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education (CASE) project and director of the project which developed the Let’s Think! materials for Year 1. He is now an Emeritus Professor of King’s College London and an independent consultant.

Mundher Adhami was senior researcher on the original Cognitive Acceleration through Maths Education (CAME) project and central to the team which developed the Let’s Think through Maths! materials at King’s College London. He is now a consultant with Cognitive Acceleration Associates.

Dr Christine Harrison was head of science in one of the original pilot schools for CASE and then, as a lecturer at King’s College London, became one of the first CASE trainers. She is now a senior lecturer at King’s with a particular expertise in formative assessment.

Dr Gwen Hewitt and John Hewitt were engaged to evaluate the implementation of Let’s Think! and Let’s Think through Science! in Hammersmith & Fulham and Harrow, and subsequently ran professional development courses on Let’s Think! around the country.

Dr Shirley Larkin was a researcher on the Let’s Think! project, exploring metacognition in young children. She is currently a lecturer in education at the University of Exeter. [email protected]
Jan Phillips is a Reception teacher at Penrhos College, Perth, Western Australia. [email protected]
Sue Reeve is a teacher at Scoutstoun Primary School, Glasgow. She has been using the Let’s Think! materials for some years.

Anne Robertson was the local authority adviser who saw through the development of the Let’s Think! materials. She has been actively involved in the development of cognitive acceleration materials for Reception and in science for Years 3 and 4 and is one of the authors of the Let’s Think! science materials. Anne is now primary PGCE course leader at the London Institute of Education.

Natasha Serret was a primary school teacher before taking on the role of senior researcher for the original Let’s Think through Science! materials. She is currently completing her PhD at King’s College London and continues to run professional development courses for Let’s Think through Science! and other primary science programmes.

Professor Michael Shayer was director of the original CASE and CAME projects and of the Let’s Think through Maths! project. He was the originator of the whole cognitive acceleration idea.

Professor Grady Venville was senior researcher on the Let’s Think! development project.
She is now a Professor of Education at the University of Western Australia.

Catherine Woodward is a senior advisor for Ceredigion Local Authority who, together with Michael Evans, adviser in Carmarthenshire, is responsible for introducing and promoting many cognitive acceleration programmes in West Wales.

Carolyn Yates was a researcher on the original CASE project and, with Ken Gouge, co-editored the Think Ahead! Drama / Music /Visual Arts materials and co-authored Let’s Think through
Literacy!. Carolyn is a consultant with Cognitive Acceleration Programmes.

Editor’s note

With some exceptions, each chapter in this book has contributions from more than one author. I have tried to indicate who should take the credit for each section but sometimes the cutting and pasting and editing has been so vigorous that we can only describe the product as truly collective, or socially constructed. The aim has been to offer a text which flows in an accessible manner, but I hope that each author’s distinctive voice comes through. Sections not specifically attributed to an author are generally the responsibility of the editor, often drawing on material from the other contributors.


Lets Think Handbook Copyright © by Alex Black. All Rights Reserved.

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