General thinking ability

We believe strongly that, as professionals, teachers have every right to expect to be given reasons why they should try new techniques, not just be given instructions on ‘what to do’. Raising children’s general ability to think greatly increases their access to all of the ‘stuff’ that they need to learn and understand throughout their primary years. In this handbook, we will demonstrate that general thinking — which is the foundation on which all particular types of thinking and learning rest — is not something fixed, determined by age or inheritance, but can be developed in every child. This process of improving general thinking ability can start right
from the beginning of Reception and can be continued through to the end of the primary phase. The difference between children who have experienced a ‘thinking school’ and those
who have simply followed the set subject curricula will be dramatic and will show up in academic achievement, in creativity and in personal well-being.
This talk of ‘general thinking ability’ may raise some eyebrows. Surely there are many different types of thinking, with some children being better at some types and other children at other types? Well, yes, up to a point. We will argue that, although we all do have some specialised abilities, they are all underpinned by a general intellectual processing mechanism which drives (and limits) our special talents.


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