Teaching Thinking

Can we really teach children to think? Surely, we think all the time we are awake anyway, so it would be harder to stop children from thinking! These are fair comments. Certainly some form of thinking starts to happen in very young infants. It develops rapidly with language so that, by the time they start school, there is a lot going on in children’s minds which can only be
described as thinking. However, left to itself, the type of thinking that develops can be limited, stilted, disorganised and inefficient.
What we can do as teachers is to help our pupils to think better: to think more efficiently, more effectively and more powerfully. This handbook describes:
• some of the strategies teachers can use to enhance their pupils’ thinking
• some curriculum materials that are available to help do this
• some of the theory that underpins the methods suggested.
The approach we are suggesting can be applied in all subject areas and we will show how this can be done.
The Let’s Think! Handbook aims to introduce readers to the cognitive acceleration approach to teaching thinking and to the Let’s Think! series of materials through which this teaching can be facilitated. For those who are already users of the approach and the materials, this handbook will help to consolidate knowledge and provide ideas for the further development of teaching thinking in your teaching practice.


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