Section one: A contribution to teaching

Section two: The thinking behind Let’s Think Maths

Section three: How to use Let’s Think Maths

Section four: The format of the Let’s Think Maths activities

Section five: The mathematical reasoning strands

Primary CAME: Let’s Think Maths Lessons:

Year 5

Year 6

1.Sports League

13. Half-time Scores

2.Digit Detective

14. Good Enough to Eat

3.Largest Rectangle

15. Robots

4.Share an Apple

16. Caterpillars


17. Gardens

6.Comparing Texts

18. Who Dunnit?

7.Picturing Numbers

19. Pegboard Symmetry

8.Cups and Saucers

20. Halving and Thirding

9.Mini Clubs

21. One-way Tracks

10. Tessellating Triangles

22. Beanbag Pick Up

11. Design a Desk

23. Which Way Up?

12. Roof

24. Pencils and Rulers


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