Lesson 8 Ladders and slides

Ladders and slides

Overview Resources
An activity on the multiplicative relationships between sets of numbers. The aim is for pupils to notice that the numbers in one set are constant multiples of the numbers in another set, rather than viewing them as results of repeated addition. Lists A-D of numbers (see below) or OHT or whiteboard
Paper and Blu-tack to cover numbers in the lists
Worksheets 1-4
Aims Curriculum links
  • Distinguish between additive and multiplicative relationships (the comparison of the size of numbers in ratio terms, rather than Worksheets 1-4 in terms of the difference
  • Symbolise the relations between numbers in algebraic terms.
  • Use direct proportion in simple contexts.
    Ladders - exploring the relationships between lists of multiples
    Sharing descriptions of each set of multiples in a ‘ladder’ then looking at the relationships between two sets at a time. This is begun with the whole class, then continued in pairs using Worksheet 1. For an advanced class, Worksheet 4 could be used.
    Slides - exploring multiplicative relationships in a visual setting
    Using the diagram on Worksheet 2, pupils construct verticals and fill in the table of results.
    They work out the relationships between the sets of numbers.
    Using ratio for finding heights of buildings
    Relating the work from Episodes 1 and 2 to finding the height of a building.


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