Lesson 10 Rectangle functions

Worksheet 1 Area as a function (editable text and table)

Area of 12
height length




  1. Use the box to write down the height and length or all the rectangles that have an area of 12 units.
  2. Draw the rectangles on a grid with horizontal and vertical axes with one corner always starting at (0, 0). Mark the corner of each rectangle which is opposite the (0, 0) corner. Using a coloured pen join up the marked corners to form a smooth curve.

Think about these questions:

  • What does the coloured line that you have just drawn actually mean?

  • Was the apprentice correct in thinking that there were only 6 possible rectangles of area 12? Can you think of any more pairs of numbers that will also give an area of 12?

  • Where do you think that the coloured line starts and finishes?

  • Where will the coloured line for area 24 go? When you feel sure about it draw it on the grid.

  • Think carefully about this to decide what the coloured line means. What have you noticed or realised?How are you going to put your ideas into words? 


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