Lesson 26 Chunking in algebra

Worksheet 1 Chunky maths!

Chains and pendants

A jewellers’ shop sells gold pendants with gold chains that can be of any length.
A pendant weighs 12 grams, while the chain weighs 0.5 grams per centimetre.
The price per gram of gold changes from day to day. Today the price is £7 per gram exactly.

Choose the length of chain you would like and think about the following:
1. What is the total cost of your chain and pendant?

2. Can you write down how you worked this out so that anyone can work out the cost of their chain and pendant? They can choose any length.

3. How would you describe this way of doing sums?


Can you manage these?

4. The cost of one chain is £224. How long is it?


5. You can add initials to the chain. They cost £7 per letter.

How would you change the formula to show this?


6. If you buy chains in groups of 10 you get a discount of 15%.

How would you change the formula to show this?


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