Lesson 29 Straight line graphs

Worksheet 2 Describing and talking slanted lines

  1. Draw the line on which (-1,-1) and (5,5) lie and write a description for it.
  1. Draw the line on which (1,3) and (5,7) lie.
  • How does this line compare to the first one?
  1. Do the same for the points (2,5) and (0,3).
  • What do you notice about¬†the three lines you have drawn?
  1. A fourth line passes through (0,3) and (2,7).
  • ¬†How does this line compare with the above three?
  1. A new line passes through (2,4) and (6,6).
  • How can you best describe this line?


If you have time, draw your own line through (0,3). Show it to another group to see how they work out the equation.


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