Lesson 2 Text ‘n’ talk

Unit 2 Worksheet 1 Text n talk: Algebra stories

1.A tree was t cm tall last year. Since then it has grown another 12 cm. Write an expression for how tall it is now.    


2. One day the tree in our street was x meters high.The next day it was x- 2 meters high. What could have happened?


3. There are x people in the room and 3 walk out. How many people are left in the room?


4. At the start of a lesson the teacher counted y pupils present. At the end of the lesson I counted y + 5 people leaving. Why was that?


5. Anna is 4 years younger than her sister Debbie. Debbie is h years old. How old is Anna? Will that be the same when Debbie is 20 years old? When Anna is 30 years old?


6. Jars of marmalade weigh z grams each. How much do 6 jars weigh? The jars are placed in a box which weights 300 grams. Write an expression for the weight of the box with the jars.


7. There are x biscuits in a tin. They are shared equally among 5 children. How many biscuits does each child get?


8. Suppose each of five children put z pence into a piggy bank that already has 35 pence in it. How much is there in it now?


9. Jed had saved £p and then he won £q in a competition. He spent £4 on a book about animals. How much has he now?


10. There are k people on a bus. After the next stop the number is doubled. At the stop after that 3 more people get on. How many people are on the bus now?



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