Welcome to the Cognitive Acceleration through Mathematics Education (C.A.M.E) community.

A major goal of this book is to archive, in a modern web based format, and thus pay homage to the wonderful educational work that Michael Shayer and Mundher Al-Adhami put into the original CAME lessons.

Also to honour those that followed and added ideas and helped socially construct a truly world-class intervention in Mathematics Education.

We are developing many different ways of sharing the fruits of these long years of research and successful teaching practice.

This will allow us to conserve the original lessons and also make  “cloned books” available in the spirit of Open Science. These can be used for adaptation,  translation into other languages and as inspiration for Bridging lessons.

If you are interested in using our materials or contributing to future development then here are some links.

These might be useful for your teaching , CPD and for adaptation and  translation into other languages,

This folder contains all of the diagrams and graphs extracted from the original pdf files.

A google doc with all of the tables you will need in Professional Development sessions or lesson adaptation.


Thinking Mathematics Lessons Copyright © by Michael Shayer and Mundher Adhami. All Rights Reserved.

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